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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Lacrosse Game

Until Saturday, I had never been to a lacrosse game. That's not so strange, I guess. But until Saturday, I had also never tail-gated. I'm 36 and like sports. How have I never done any tail-gating? It seems strange. Maybe I just never thought it was interesting to sit in a parking lot to drink beer and eat. It just always seemed to the elements. No shade. I burn easily. I guess that's weird. Because it turns out, the experience was quite a lot of fun. My kids ran around playing lacrosse, gearing up for the excitement of the real game. We had a delicious picnic and I drank wine. It was a sunny, pleasant day and we parked along a tree line so I could have some blessed shade. To be fair, I had run a race that morning and wasn't feeling all that great, so the shade was welcome; as was the sitting.

I highly recommend this parking lot sitting to anyone. I've been convinced. But nothing compared to the lacrosse game itself. Navy vs. Johns Hopkins, with Hopkins the almost sure winner. Well, it was not to be. Navy pulled it out and in addition to it being a thrilling game to watch, the ending was the most exciting. How can you be upset to lose to Navy, when all the mids in their dress whites run out onto the field, where everyone is jumping up and down and a large American flag is raised right in the middle of them. You can't be sad when AMERICA wins. These kids will go out and protect us and our country. I got misty. Over a lacrosse game. I'm sure Johns Hopkins doesn't see it the same way right now.

My son is now excited to play the sport again. While this makes me happy, it also concerns me. That game is rough. I watched them beat each other with the sticks, actually flipping one guy in mid-air. I'm imagining broken necks, ruptured spleens, concussions, at the very least. I know, I need to get over it.

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